• Eric Klein
    Co-founder and CEO
  • Ami Inbar
    Co-Founder and CMO
  • Ivan Didur
    Co-Founder and CTO
  • Elisha Ben Tamar
    Co-Founder, Legal Advisor and Investors Relations
  • Sergei Lysyuk
    VP Operations
  • Artem Lapatanov
    Product Manager
  • Andriy Solodkyi
    Project Manager
  • Denis Yermak
    UX/UI Designer
Advisory Board
  • Ophir Gertner
    Founder at | Founder at Stox
  • Yoav Barel
    Product Marketing Advisor
  • Dr. Hadar Mazor
    Patent Attorney
  • Andrey Yashunsky
    Partner at Da Vinci Capital
  • Max Frolov
    Co-Founder & CEO at DataRoot Labs Co-Founder at Blockchain School
  • Yevhen Kasyanenko
    Strategic Business Consultant
  • David Mickler
    Co-Founder at Quintessentially Ventures
  • Anatoliy Melnichuk
    Co-Founder & CEO, SnapSaves
  • Pavel Hilman
    Chairman, HIG CAPITAL AG